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What Women Don't Know About Men

There are at least two versions circulating of a "top ten List" of what men know about women. In one version, the list is completely blank, and in the other, only one item appears: "Women have breasts". Either version is probably very accurate, although I suspect at least some men would be aware of other significant parts of a woman's anatomy. But beyond that, what do we know? Women, as they say, are a mystery wrapped up in an enigma. (I can't recall if that saying was originally about women or not, but it is appropriate.)

It would be fun, of course, to build a top ten list of what women know about men. A top ten list might not be necessary, just a single word answer: everything.

Actually, in my experience, there are a few things that women don't know about men - so, here goes my list, not arranged in any order as yet:

I've tried to be a little humorous. I've exaggerated a few things to hopefully bring a smile to your lips. But I've also tried to give you some advice. Marriage is a life-long commitment. It is also an on-going project. There is always work to be done to keep it fresh and alive. Neglect that work at your peril.

Women need to remember that they are an enigma. Men really don't know anything about women. And if you think he should know what the problem is, he probably should, but I can almost guarantee you that he doesn't. He can't fix what he doesn't know is broken.

Men need to know at least one thing about women: women are like plants. Ignore them and their love will wither and die. Give them care and attention and their love will bloom. They will fill your life with happiness. And they will welcome you to their bed.

Oh, and that cleavage thing? Men really do like it. But I suspect most men would rather have a little of the real thing than a lot of silicon. And a man would rather have a plain woman who knows how to reach him than a trophy wife who doesn't or won't.

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