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Pretty Woman

What makes a woman sexy? I won't pretend to understand what makes a man sexy - to a woman, that is. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and sex appeal is too, I guess. However, here are my ideas on what makes a woman sexy - or not!

Despite my own appearance, for me, a sexy woman is trim and attractive. Healthy and with a ready smile.

Perhaps I better start with things that, for me, just aren't sexy.

  1. Lingerie, in my opinion, is not particularly sexy. Not that the right girl in the right outfit can't be quite fetching, she certainly can, but the wrong girl or the wrong outfit can have a very negative effect. And I hate the feel of some lingerie. I don't like the feel of silk. Believe it or not, I prefer the feel of cotton or flannel. A pretty girl in a pair of flannel pajamas is sexy. In half a pair of pajamas is even sexier...
  2. A special branch of lingerie: garter belts, thongs, mesh stockings are definitely not sexy. period.
  3. High heels and long nails are not sexy - they're just plain dangerous.
  4. smoking and drugs are not sexy - they're just plain stupid.
  5. Body piercings are not sexy - they're just plain revolting. I can't imagine any emotionally secure person wanting to go through the pain just to look hideous. Body piercings make attractive girls look ugly and unattractive girls look even worse. Anyone who has or is contemplating body piercing has a serious problem with low self-esteem.
  6. Foul language is not sexy. It just demonstrates the poor education of the speaker.
  7. Stupidity is not sexy. Give me an intelligent female any day.
  8. Helplessness is not sexy. One of the great improvements we have seen in recent television seasons is the increase of programs starring independent, self-assured female characters such as those we see on Dark Angel, Relic Hunter, Crossing Jordan, Alias and more. Sure, these women are easy to look at, but it's their inner strength that make them interesting - and sexy.
  9. Glasses are not sexy. Sorry. A woman who wears glasses can still be sexy, but the glasses aren't.
  10. So what makes a woman sexy? She is confident, intelligent, witty, compassionate but tough. She has no problem dumping an inadequate suitor, but melts at the sight of a stray kitten. She can face the world on her own terms, even if she'd much rather face it with a suitable partner by her side.

    What does the sexy woman wear? Well, if she must wear anything at all, she can wear anything. But nothing looks sexier to me than tight-fitting jeans and a sweater or shirt - unless it's flannel pajamas.

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