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New Beginnings

I am not an avid "news" person. I don't subscribe to a daily newspaper nor do I often surf over to my neighborhood news site such as in Canada or I do receive a daily news summary from both sites and I also receive two local papers each week, although I seldom take the time to more than glance through them. I have to admit that I depend pretty much on the radio early in the morning for my news and the various news/weather e-mails I receive during the day.

So, I was taken a little bit by surprise when I learned early in the new year that Sadam Hussein had been hanged (or hung). But what has really surprised me is that there has been no indication that I have seen that this action has had any effect on the insurgents in Iraq. One might have thought that this would either spur them on to more acts of senseless violence or quiet them down a little. Thus far, I have noticed no change. Of course, I have to admit that I'm not sure what the insurgents want nor what "side" they represent. It pretty much seems to be violence for violence's sake - and that's tough to stop. President Bush is as yet unready to give up - which is probably a good thing (in the sense of choosing the lesser evil) and the only position he can take. But he is pushing for the Iraqi to take a bigger part in their own defence. And that's good too. It's a bad situation with no clear solution. America should take pride that at least their president has the guts to see the bad situation through.

I have to wonder, however, what's going to happen a few months from now when the campaigns for new presidential hopefuls begin in earnest.

On a different note, I heard on TV that Canada's east coast fiasco fleet (er, I mean submarine fleet) will be putting in for repairs on the west coast. It didn't mention how they were going to get there, however. For their families' sake, I hope it isn't under the polar ice cap. Almost fifty years after the fact, I can't help wondering if things would have been different if old Diefenbaker hadn't cancelled the Avro Arrow. Another something we'll never know.

Anyway, it's a brand new year which gives us a brand new start at making things better. Although I sure didn't accomplish all I hoped to last fall, there's still a few more winter months to get work done in. So, a belated Happy New Year to you. See you next month.


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